Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Few of the GIRLS...

THIS is the hard part.
Selling my Girls.
I love them more than you may know.

First off is a 2 year old who has really wormed her way into my heart. With her dignity, her gentleness, her elegance and refinement and her incredibly sweet, gentle personality. Not to mention her beauty, lovely fleece and awesome conformation!
Bluff Country Zest X Windswept Bravo (HST)

Over the past few months, I have truly come to love and respect this ewe. Her quiet elegance in late pregnancy and the wonderful calm with which she greated her very first lambs. Bella is a gem...

As is:
This beauty and I have gone through some tough times together!
She's given me some incredible babies with the most gorgeous fleece.

OK. Now I'm crying.
And crying makes my tummy hurt.
That's enough for today...


  1. Nancy I hope your shearing is going well today. I can't wait to see photos of the girls without all that wool! I'm sure they will feel a lot better then too. Are you hand-shearing them all yourself? I sure hope not, that's WAY too much work for a heartsick shepherdess who isn't feeling well in the first place.

  2. I just wanted to send you some (hugs) Nancy. You do have some beautiful sheep both rams and ewes but then again I already knew that, being the proud owner of 3 of your baby lambs. I hope you find some time to sit and have a rest.

  3. so you are selling some because you've got too many? or you not well? These are beautiful.

  4. Other than a temporary bug, my health is fine. I've just let myself keep too many lambs over the years and last year, for the first time ever, I didn't sell everything that I wanted to, for breeding stock.

    I can comfortable manage 10 to 15 sheep. Right now I've got 30-something.

    But I do so love them all...

  5. Hope your bug is gone - same thing happened to me last weekend for Memorial day - had an extra day off and just spent it blowing my nose and hacking! Your girls look beautiful - good luck with the sales. T.

  6. Beautiful girls and so are the boys! Why can't we just keep them all? I hope your feeling better. So how many bags will you have after shearing? LOL

  7. I got Hunter and Moon hand-sheared today and did Zaria a while ago. All told, I'll have 24 bags of fleece! That's just from this year...

    I'm going to have to send a bunch in and have it mill spun. I'll never spin all of this. Time to start selling wool/roving/yarn as well...

  8. The least favorite part of being a shepherd....sending away those that have become dear friends. I'm hoping for beautiful homes for all those you need to sell, and that things go better for you this year.

  9. I'm sorry you're sad, but I just wanted to remind you, as one of the "girls" who've had to leave your protection, that we tend to leave strong and only get stronger. But we never forget the little shepherdess that got us started. You've given those ewes the best head start they could ask for, and another home will only be a new adventure for them to thrive in



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