Tuesday, May 26, 2009

When Life SUCKS...

Enjoy the LAMBS!!!

ZODIAK the 'super mom'

DAZZLE enjoying the new pasture

ZORRO looking sweet...

and intense

Zaria's beautiful, ewe lamb: GOLD RUSH

Is, sadly, FOR SALE

Bella Luna's little "CRICKET"

The world's cutest lamb!

Who am I kidding?
They're ALL adorable!


  1. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Your lambs are adorable. I am sorry to hear that "Life Sucks." I hope that is a temporary situation that will get better.

    I just read your Spotted Shetlands post that you are selling all of your rams. Have you decided to quit breeding sheep instead of just cutting back on exposed ewes?

    I totally understand keeping sheep as pets without the hassles of showing and marketing breeding stock if that is the direction you are heading in.

    I am wishing you well.
    Carol Bator
    Zephyr Sheep Farm

  2. Looking at your sheep always makes me smile. Hold on Nancy, maybe tomorrow will be better.

  3. For lambs life sucks if their mom has a good udder! Sucks can be good! Can we get a ram to Reno? I don't know anything about getting them over this way. Or if I can afford it, life does suck!! Or not. My friend ships her alpaca to and from Michigan maybe she knows.

  4. Anonymous8:04 PM

    When life sucks how nice it is to be able to go outside and let nature soothe you. Your lambs are adorable ( especially Zorro) and it must be wonderful to watch their antics, feel the gentle breezes on your face and smell the clean fresh air as you listen to the sounds of nature. Let you senses lead you as you forget for a little while the everyday problems. I also love that picture of Daisy sitting on the post.

  5. Marilyn6:11 AM

    You are not alone in this desision. Both my friend with her Romneys and myself with my mixed flock are telling each other....no sheep or goats will be bred this fall.
    I know it is time for me to take a break when I don't name the all the lambs or kids. I have had this happen another time as well. The result was several years with an adult flock of fiber producers that we much less stressful to take care of.
    Hope it isn't anything to serious with your vehicles.

  6. I'm glad you are not closer as I'd be toooo tempted by those cutie-pie's. Beautiful lambs. Glad you have them to make you smile.

  7. Those are beautiful lambs!

  8. Get your shepherdess butt to your happy-sun-lamp rigt now! Thats an order from your daughter, who is working her way up the military ranks and CAN boss you around now, HA! And, who, as you know, has learned very well just how muh life can suck, but she's also learned that it does get better. (Who do you think taught her that???) It always gets better. So just let us help, and go step by step, and soon it will all be ok. And thank you, the week home with mom was exactly what I needed, and I can't wait to come back. And when I do, it will be even better!... I promiss :)

  9. Grrr, again, I AM NOT LoveGal, but Erin's computer thinks i am. This and the last post are (obviously) from your BBG.

  10. Gentle reassurance: I ma NOT entering a clinical depression period. I'm just feeling sad and anxious because of events currently occurring in my life. I'll be fine! I know the difference between a serious depression and just being down because sometimes, life really does suck! Then again, I still wouldn't trade my life for anything!

    Although, a new vehichle would be nice...


  11. Dazzle is gorgeous! Of course, they're all gorgeous, but he/she is really adorable!



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