Monday, May 11, 2009

No New Moms on Mother's Day...

Zodiak and Bella Luna are taking their own sweet time.

Wouldn't you think they'd want to hurry up and "get it over with"???

Don't they look MISERABLE???

I think I've figured out the problem:

I decided that I'm not going to have the flock sheared until after everyone lambs. I believe that Zodiak & Bella Luna have decided not to lamb until after everyone is sheared!!

It's a standoff.

ZODIAK says...

"Ya want to come out and freshen my water bucket, please? And I could use another belly rub..."


  1. You've probably blogged about the white house before but I'm still sorta new. The sheep don't get locked up in stalls at night do they? They can just get in the big, white dog house if they want to? and the house keeps the food dry?

    The photo where you say they look miserable, more like - Mom needs to put the camera away now.

  2. Man, they need to have those babies! They have to be miserable being so big and with all that wool on.

  3. Anonymous9:40 PM

    Loved Zodiac's expression of the universal perspective of a very gravid female!


  4. You know the saying: a watched ewe never...
    Love the igloos! I could have used some of those!



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