Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Zaria, Destiny and Godiva's lambs...

Yes, Zaria went first. (on Saturday morning, while I was out of town and after I promised Terry that no one would lamb while I was gone!) With twin (almost) HST lambs! The ewe lamb will be mioget & white. Her fleece is uber crimpy. She has little, white anklets. Her facial markings are smirslet and she has the tiniest bit of white on the tip of her tail! :-) I'm naming her "Bluff Country Gold Rush" (but calling her Maggie May).

Maggie's twin brother is a bit of a mystery. He will most likely be Shaela and white. He has a little bit of white that extends onto his body so I won't "officially" (as if there WAS such a thing with HST) classify him as HST. But he's mighty close!! I read through the NASSA markings list and really don't see any that describe such a small amount of white. Whatever he is, he's stunning! Conformation looks great and he obviously inherited his dam's yummy fleece! As much as I've vowed not to name ram lambs this year, I'm calling him "Bluff Country Eureka"!

While I was flying home, on Sunday morning, my beautiful Destiny gave birth to her first lambs: twin black ram & ewe lambs. I'm expecting more than a few of these lovely solid color with a splash of white on their heads lambs this year. I only bred six ewes and five of them are solid color (but carry HST genetics). I'm calling the little krunet girl: Bluff Country Shaela" and if I were naming ram lambs, I'd call the little, smirslet boy: "Bluff Country Dust in the Wind" ~ "Dusty" ~ but, of course, I'm not naming ram lambs...

Godiva at least had the courtesy of waiting until I was home, on Monday, to have her beautiful, twin EWE lambs!

I'm thinking that "Bluff Country Flash Dancer" (she's Flash's granddaughter) is a moorit and white HsT and her SWEET sister is mioget! Both beautiful girls! I've been calling the mioget girl "Bluff Country Rapunzel" (her dam is Godiva) but that will be Terry's choice since she owns Godiva...

I have so many more pictures that I want to post but I have to get ready for work and I'm pretty sure that Zest is in labor.

Then again, some of you may already know that I was pretty sure that Zest was in labor ~ yesterday!!


  1. Eureka and Gold Rush sounds like you've been to California! He is a Eureka looking guy if you were nameing rams this year.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful babies - and full of the dickens, I imagine!!

    With all these goings-on, will you still be able to make it to Shepherd's Harvest this weekend? (please, please say yes!)

  3. Congrats on a beautiful start! I'm so glad that the little gals handled it all wonderfully. Sounds like your lambing season is going to be pretty quick! Tammy

  4. Yes, thank God!! I HATE lambing!!
    Zest had twins last night while I was at work
    I'm heading out to take pictures right now.

  5. Congratulations on your babies. I especially like Maggie May.

  6. How did you end up with Gold Rush/ Maggie May!?!?



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