Monday, May 25, 2009

NEW Pastures...

I did a little rearranging this weekend. The ewes and lambs got moved to fresh pasture that hasn't had any sheep on it since last fall. Biggify this photo to see the huge mouthful of grass that Zodiak is enjoying! The unbred ewes got moved to the pasture that the ewes and lambs have been on for the past couple of weeks. There's still PLENTY of good grazing left in that one.

The grass in the new "nursery" pasture is almost taller than the lambs!

Zorro say's "Hi" to Little Luna (shaela, yearling ~ FOR SALE! ) across the fence-line.

The lambs love having TREES to play on and around!

Several are practicing their Tree-Climbing-Skills!!That's "Flash Dance" scaling the side of the tree.

Even I haven't ventured into this pasture for months, and there are several large burdock and nettle plants that I'll have to take care of. Although, it looks like "Shaela" is willing to help!

Look how light "Dazzle" is getting! I'm going to do a whole post on her, SOON!

DAISY will watch over the girls and the lambs while I'm mowing, weed wacking and planting flowers today. I don't have to be to work until 4 o'clock this afternoon so I hope to get a LOT done.

"Bluff Country Shaela" (FOR SALE)
I took about a HUNDRED pictures yesterday but haven't had time to edit (crop) them yet so there will be lots more (and better!) pictures A.S.A.P....



  1. The lambs and moms look so very happy with all that lush grass! And you'd think the lambs are playing at being goats the way they frolic on the tree. Beautiful babies!

    Nancy in Atlanta

  2. You have to go to work on Memorial Day? durn.

    That new pasture looks like paradise.

  3. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Hi Nancy,

    Great photos of all the lambs today and yesterday--is that Zumba following her sister up the tree? So nice you can see all three of your kids today! I'm washing mohair. We put in the garden yesterday. We also visited the newborn Boar goats are Chris and Erica--total is 4 now--3 boys and 1 girl.




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