Monday, November 28, 2011

Gone to the DOGS....

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You may barely be able to see her, but in the above photo Sable is laying between the couch and the coffee table.    On the couch is "Jackson", a handsome Golden Retriever - Bernese Mountain Dog cross.  Lying next to the couch is "Gertie"

Gertie is a beautiful, 10 year old, St. Bernard who was rescued a year ago by her "forever family".  Gertie is a BIG girl!

I "puppy sat" for Gertie and Jackson over the Thanksgiving holiday. 

Sable spent a lot of time hiding under the kitchen table!

My poor girls have got to be wondering ~ what in the world has happened to their world?!
Gertie and Jackson left on Saturday.  They were SUCH good dogs.  I hope to see them again.   Do you suppose that things settled back down to 'normal' after Gertie and Jackson left?  Heck no!

Meet Jethro:

"Jethro" is a gorgeous, neutered, 2 year old, male Pitbull who is the most LOVING dog you could ever want to meet!

My sister, Penny, drove down to Milwaukee, WI. on Saturday to meet the drivers who helped get him from Illinois to Bluff Country Canine Rescue in Minnesota.
Everyone is so happy when a rescue is a success.

Especially the DOG!

Of course, by the time Penny got Jethro to my place, she was totally in love with him.  The feeling does seem to be mutual, doesn't it?  Penny will be talking to her husband tonight.  She would like to be the lucky person who gets to adopt this awesome dog.

Speaking of Rescue dogs...

Beautiful Jasmine has been SO good! 
She thinks every dog that shows up is here to play with her.  The longer she is at my home, the more I am falling in love with this gentle girl.  Tomorrow she goes to the vet.  Ouch!  That's going to cost a pretty penny.  If you're willing and able, the dogs and I would be ever so grateful if you could chip in (see widget on the sidebar) to help cover some of the vet costs.  I know that it's not your responsibility.  I'm just hoping that some of you will enjoy being a part of the "rescue world". Just Jazz will need:  a complete exam,  treatment for her injured leg, (her eye seems better but I'll be glad to have the vet look at it), all of her shots, heartworm test and (hopefully ~ if she's negative) preventative, and spaying.  ANY amount would help. 

Fortunately, Jethro was completely vetted before he was released from the shelter he was at!

One of the nicest things I've discovered about the world of dog rescue is all of the wonderful people who care so much!  There are networks of "transporters", all over the United States and Canada, who give up their time and money (for gas) to drive the lucky dogs who get saved from a shelter and possible euthanasia, to meet up with someone from the rescue that will give them (at their own expense) another chance at a loving home.  There are 'transport co-ordinators' who spend countless hours trying to break down long-distance transports into shorter 'legs' so that no one volunteer has to drive too far.  Most transports are broken down into one hour legs!  There are groups of Truckers as well as Pilots who will take on a canine passenger or two (or three...).  Just think of all the caring men and women who are doing this just because they feel it needs to be done and it is the right thing to do.  It is so refreshing to be reminded of the GOOD that lies within people. 
Not everybody can take in a needy dog.  Not everyone can volunteer to transport them across the country.  There are many ways that you can help out!  Volunteering at your local animal shelter is one way.  Helping me to help homeless dogs could be another.
If you can't volunteer and you can't give, you can still help!  Consider supporting legislation that bans puppy mills and demands harsher sentences for people who abuse innocent animals.
You'll feel a real sense of satisfaction when you do!
Each one of us can make a difference...

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