Saturday, November 12, 2011

I could use your help...

I am working on a document that I can give to potential sponsors of my canine rescue.  It's purpose is to inform them as to what exactly we are asking them to subsidize.  I would be very grateful if you could look this over and offer (as comments or email me) suggestions or advice.    Please note that the format is somewhat jumbled.  It wasn't happy with being copied and pasted from the "Open Office" document I've been working on!

(A rescue, rehabilitation and adoption facility for dogs)

Our mission is to stop the flow of unwanted animals into shelters that euthanize pets.  Bluff Country Canine Rescue is committed to partnering with the community to provide safe shelter to lost, abandoned, surrendered and neglected or abused dogs and to care for and rehabilitate them until they are able to be placed in loving, adoptive homes. 

 We believe that all dogs deserve to be loved and treated with kindness and respect.

 BCCR is partnering with the community to:

 * Educate the public about the fate of unwanted dogs, puppy mills, and unscrupulous breeders.
* Promote and provide humane protection and shelter for abandoned, abused, and  homeless dogs.
* Seek adoptive homes for dogs under our protective care.
* Promote the principles of responsible dog ownership and care through community education.
* Advocate the spaying or neutering of all dogs not intended as breeding animals.
 BCCR does not euthanize except on the advice of a veterinarian in the case of critical  injury, terminal illness, debilitating pain, or severe behavioral problem in which the animal is a danger to themselves, other animals or humans.

  • All dogs will be spayed or neutered and micro-chipped
  • All dogs will be examined by a veterinarian and pronounced healthy or information regarding special needs will be provided. 
  • Dogs will be personality tested, including reactions to other dogs, strangers, cats,
  • children, etc.
  • Every dog will be bathed and brushed and treated for internal and external parasites.
  • When possible, dogs will attend obedience training classes. 
  • Adoption fees will be waived for all military personnel (past and present) Because of the service and sacrifice that our military men and women make to serve our country, BCCR feels that they each deserve to know the unwavering, unconditional love that a canine companion will provide. 

 FOSTER FAMILIES NEEDED!    If you love dogs and would like to become involved with helping loving companions find new homes, won't you consider being a foster home?  Our foster providers will bring the dog/dogs into their home, where they will live as part of the family. The foster families will be expected to give the dogs a safe and loving place to live until they find the perfect “forever home”. A thorough evaluation will be done to identify the dogs' strengths and weaknesses and to determine what type of home/owner will be the best match. If possible, we encourage the foster family to enroll (at BCCR's expense) the dogs in obedience training. BCCR will provide all food, veterinary care, crates, food dishes, collars and leashes needed to care for the dogs placed in foster care. Foster families will be asked to socialize the dogs under their care as well as attend fundraisers and adoption “events” when ever possible.

  If you would like to make a huge difference in a lonely dog's life, and are willing to invest the time, money and most of all, love needed to best serve these wonderful creatures, please call BCCR to arrange for an interview to determine if fostering will be right for you. If it is, we will put you on our mailing/phone list to receive information on dogs that need to be fostered. For these dogs YOU might be their only chance before they enter a shelter that euthanizes healthy, adoptable animals, or are shot or abandoned to fend for themselves.

  Please CONTACT US to offer your services as a foster care provider for a dog in need.

  •  Kennel helpers/dog walkers:   Assist with exercising and socializing the dogs.  As well as help keep the kennels and community areas clean and sanitary.
  • Website creation and maintenance  . Creating and maintaining the BCCR website with photos of adoptable animals as well as information regarding how the community can get involved. Maintaining a calendar of upcoming events and a current list of sponsors (“Heroes”) 
  • Fundraisers.   We'll need people willing to contact area businesses and/or individuals to ask them to help support Bluff Country Canine Rescue financially. It's going to take a lot of money to keep this Rescue going if we want to provide adequate care and support to the dogs that need our help. Finding sponsors and creating public fund-raising events will be a vital part of the success of BCCR.
  • Transports:   We'll need volunteers with safe vehicles willing to pick up strays and/or surrendered dogs as well as take dogs that we are caring for to veterinary appointments, adoption events and fund-raising events.
  • Legal  adviser/s.   We will need the advice of an attorney to guide us in legal matters ranging from establishing a non-profit (or 'not for profit') organization as well as liability issues and adoption/fostering agreements.
  • Advertising support:   We're going to need to do lots of advertising! Everything from printed brochures and posters to articles in local newspapers, to appearing on area Television and radio stations. Hopefully, we'll find printers, newspapers and TV and radio stations who will support us by offering free services or exposure.
  • Dog Trainers:   I will seek to enlist the services of professional dog trainers who are willing to help us work with behavioral issues with dogs that are under our care as well as to assist foster families prepare their charges for placement in an adoptive home. My goal is to have each of our dogs, at the very least, started in basic obedience.
  • Board Members:   In order to become a non-profit organization, we will need to establish a Board of Directors ~ People who care about dogs and want to help alleviate the pain and suffering of homeless animals. I am looking for people who are willing to get involved in any number of ways. Perhaps in an advisory capacity or as a resource for information or advice. If you feel that you may have ideas, abilities or access to something that could benefit BCCR and/or the dogs that we serve, please consider joining our Board of Directors.     

I also typed up a "Wish List" of things that we'll need but I can't find it right now.  I'll look for it tomorrow...  HAPPY DREAMS!

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