Sunday, November 20, 2011

We interupt this Blog...

For this VERY important, commercial message:

I've got FIVE dogs coming!
(don't worry, six is my limit)
(for now, anyway!)

They will all need to be vet checked, wormed, tested for heartworm & put on preventative, updated on shots and a couple even need spaying or neutering!  I think most of my blog readers know the kind of situation I am in financially.  ie:  NOT GOOD!  I'm hoping and praying that my Dear  blog readers will help me by donating to the cause...

A  $100.00 donation lets you chose which dog you would like to sponsor.  You would then be listed on the BCCR webpage  (on Facebook until I get another website built) as that dog's "HERO" until it is adopted to it's forever home.  I know that not everybody can afford $100.00 so please know that any amount that you can donate is GREATLY appreciated!  Wouldn't it be amazing if one person donated the entire $1000???  Which reminds me, just in case, by some miracle, we do manage to reach our goal, the expenses will be ongoing so please don't stop donating just because it looks like we've reached our goal!  It would also be great if you could share this project with everyone you know...

Stay tuned for PHOTOS of the lucky dogs that will have another chance at finding their "forever homes".
I've got some VERY hopeful news on the job front. 
Something that will allow me to work from home and still take care of the animals.
(I'm thinking I may have already told you about this?)
But I'll tell you more about it once I know for sure...

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