Thursday, November 10, 2011

There is SO much going on!

I really want to get back into posting regularly but it's difficult to find the time right now because I've got so many things that I'm working on.  One of the things is an attempt to find employment that will be fulfilling and let me keep my place.  To that end, I have been busy filling out the myriad of paperwork that is necessary to apply for a license to become an adult foster care provider.  I have plenty of room (two spare bedrooms) and feel that I could help make someone's life a little better.  This would allow me to work from home and still continue my other interests while I feel  that I would be making a difference in somebody's life.

At the same time that I am jumping through the hoops to become a licensed adult foster care provider, I am also in the process of creating the "BLUFF COUNTRY CANINE RESCUE AND ADOPTION CENTER".  I am working with several members of a nearby animal shelter to take the steps that will get this rescue up and running.  Time is of the essence because the nearby shelter is owned by the city that they are in and the city has notified them that they are no longer to accept dogs from outside of the city limits!   What on Earth will happen to the lost, and stray, abandoned, neglected or abused  animals that have no safe place to go?   We are contacting area law enforcement officials to advise them that these dogs can be brought here. 

Yes.  To my home.  The nearby shelter is donating several kennels and chain link runs to get me started.  I have several dog crates for transporting animals.  I am in the process of lining up area veterinarians who will donate their time and give free or reduced rates for exams, immunizations, spaying or neutering and micro-chipping.    I am also TRYING to get a website put together to get the rescue in the public's eye.  I will meet with several area newspaper reporters as well a local television stations.  Needless to say, I will be  looking for VOLUNTEERS! 

I'll need volunteers to help with socializing, exercising, training, and fostering dogs that come into my care.  My intent is to place as many dogs as possible into foster homes where they can be loved, socialized and evaluated, making it more likely that we find the best forever home that we can for each animal.

More tomorrow.
I've GOT to get to bed!

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