Sunday, November 06, 2011

I got my Mojo muse back!

Actually, it's my camera. 
Apparently I am incapable of blogging without photographs.
Recently taken photos, to be specific.

My camera has been at my Dear Friend, Jean's, since she hosted a Fiber Farm Tour almost a month ago.  Hence, no pictures.  Hence no blog posts.
Sheesh!  Who'd a thunk that's all it would take to shut me up?

Now for the REALLY good news:

There are still sheep in the Bluff Country!

You may remember that my sister, Penny, bought "Kahlua"
(here she is, almost all grown up!)

and "Tia Maria"
(I'm such a sucker for moorit ewe lambs!)

Not only do I have these two beauties to satisfy my longing for snuggling with sheep, but there are MORE:


This handsome boy is such a sweetheart that he steals the heart of everyone that meets him!  He loves nothing more than to be petted and scratched.  For that very reason, it was decided that the best life for Bacardi would be that of a beloved fiber pet.  He was recently wethered and is going to live with

Beautiful Kiss and Bacardi are sure to be pals living their lives out in a small, rural community about fifteen miles from me!  Their new owner, Angie, will keep them as fiber pets but she does want her children to experience the miracle  of lambing ~ just once.
To make that miracle  happen, Angie has also purchased

Our Fourth of July ram lamb has eagerly accepted the job of making sure that Kiss has lambs next Spring.    At first, Kiss resisted his charms (note the blood on Kiss's poll  from the scur that broke when she & Firecracker butted heads) but the two of them are "getting along famously"  now and I am sure that Angie will have her babies next April.  After which, Angie will probably wether Firecracker as well so that she can keep him as a 'forever pet' too.

Before Bacardi, Kiss & Firecracker leave the Bluff Country for their new home, Firecracker may just be paying a visit to my friend, Jean's house.  We're thinking that "Zaria" really should have some more for Jean and one for ME!

What the heck?  My house may NEVER sell...

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