Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I made a FACEBOOK page and other news...

For Bluff Country Canine Rescue   I'm hoping it will help  spread the word and get more people interested in helping homeless animals!  If you're on Facebook, please look us up and "like" us.  You'll get notified whenever the page is updated to keep you informed as to what is happening with the Rescue.  If you're not on Facebook, the link will take you to their sign up page.  It's free...  ;-)

In SHEEPY news:

ZARIA has come over to visit with Firecracker  and boy has she stirred things up!

I'm heading over to my friend, Jean's, to spend a couple of days with Alice and Dream while Jean and her husband are out of town!   I stopped by twice last week and Dreamer practically climbs into my lap.


DREAM says...

"We'll get off the computer and get your lap OVER HERE!"

On my way Dreamer, I'm on my way...

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