Thursday, April 17, 2008

ALICE Watch Update....

Zaria (Shaela, HsT), Alice (Musket) and Zodiak (black/iset)
The day dawned sunny and warm so I moved the 'ladies in waiting' to the side pasture so that they could have a nibble of fresh grass!

Look at the Wide-Load that little Serendipity is carrying!

I'm pretty sure that Alice will twin this year. Then again ~ she's fooled me before!

Handsome "Sheltering Pines Crescent Moon" is the sire of Alice's lambs ~

~ As well as Zest's, Dream's, Flash Flood's, Zodiak's and Zaria's. I KNOW that Alice and Zest were bred the day I put the breeding groups together ~ 147 days ago. ANY TIME LADIES! . While I'm home from work would be nice!


The clouds rolled in and it rained off and on for most of the afternoon. I spent some time sitting in the jug with Savannah and her beautiful twins.

Little "SPRING" comes up for petting now! She loves me to rub her head and neck.

Sunny "SUNSHINE" isn't quite so bold but she sure is cute! Both have tight, curly fleece and nice, straight legs and perfect tails! Good Job, Savannah & Hunter!

I have no idea who will go next. Serendipity looks like a tick about to explode! Everyone seems pretty comfortable and content this evening.... I'll sleep well!

DREAM says...

..."Happy DREAMS!"


  1. We're thnking of you, Nancy! Don't wear yourself out waiting for the babies!

    When do I put my order in? :)

  2. You have a Serendipity too! I didn't even know. The babies are just gorgeous and the fleeces divine! I'm envious.

    Hope all goes well and we are all waiting to hear that YOU too are holding up.



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