Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Dream didn't want to go out to the side pasture with the other ewes and lambs this morning. She kept me company as I did some work around the barn and I gave her lots of cookies because I knew she was going to need the energy.

After several hours of very mild labor (as far as I could see!), Dream got down to business. She had the first little girl (Black/Smirslet, with at least one white sock ~ things happened so quickly, I really didn't get the chance to check!) at around 9:30 this morning. VERY quickly followed by Moorit/HST girl number 2 and Black/HST BOY! BIG horn buds on that guy! It's a good thing he was born last.

I was with Dream for the delivery and saw something that I've never witnessed before. When the bag with the second lamb's nose & toes in it came out, so did a big, round, dark bag. I wasn't sure what that was. It was dark and cloudy and ROUND and I couldn't tell if it was another lamb or not! I helped slide the little girl out and cleaned the membrane off her nose while Dream proceeded to take over clean up duties. It was then that I noticed something white moving in the murky bag of fluids still outside of Dream. It was legs! I grabbed the bag and found the legs and nose and pulled the bag off the lambs face. Presto! A beautiful baby boy with big horn buds! I'm not sure if he would have survived or not had I not been there. I guess we'll never know ~ and that's all right with me.

I'm just glad that my beautiful Dreamer and all THREE of her beautiful babies are OK!!

Oh yeah, and I named one of Zodiak's triplets:

Garrett pointed out the likeness to me!

Do you see it?????



  1. Congrats Dream! Beautiful babies :)

  2. WOW!!! Congratulations and good job Dream AND Nancy! Just gorgeous lambs! Everytime I show HH your lambs, he looks at their markings and calls them Nacho Libre sheep after the Mexican wrestlers and their very similar masks. Maybe a name down the road?

    Oh, and Happy Birthday Baby Girl! I can;t quite make our her beau's tattoo. What is it?

  3. Dearest Dreamer, You've given us such joy....and now triplets! We'll give you a group hug with lots of cookies!

  4. Congrats Nancy on another set of triplets. And more girls than boys again. You're having a great year. :-)

  5. What a Dream!!! And even during the day!!! Wow!

  6. Wow Nancy - that is SO Fantastic.
    Congrats to you and Dream - you have a fantastic crop of lambs this year!
    Big hugs and cookies all around!

  7. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Wow, what a strong/beautiful mother Dream is! Love the photos,

  8. oh dear......and I was waiting for a masked HST...but this Deja Vu is stealing my heart.....if you aren't keeping her...i want dibs!!

  9. Terry7:30 AM

    Hi Nancy and Dream,

    Congratulations!! Dream, I had the feeling you were hatching something special....Beautiful Dreamer, beautiful babies...I think you should call one of her ewe lambs "Sweet Dreams", "Sweetie" for short. Or, maybe someday I'll buy one of her ewe lambs and call her that...

    Nancy, great job attending the births--that was a lucky thing--you are a pro!

    Suddenly, my Friday and my weekend have become totally booked--Russ wants to go north Friday night to help his brother with the farm (his brother had rotator cuff surgery some weeks ago, so we are leaving earlier than planned. I SO wanted to see you and your flock sooner rather than later, but I guess it will have to wait.


  10. You must have some 'secret ingredient' in those cookies! What a wonderful lamb crop.
    Good job Dream! No wonder you looked more full figured with this pregnancy.

  11. Anonymous2:51 PM

    My goodness, what did you feed those sheep to get all those girls?

    They are beautiful!


    And trips to boot! How could you ask any more of a wonderful ewe like Dream!

    Kudos to you, Nancy!



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