Thursday, April 10, 2008

One Week To Go....

Oh, good grief...Here comes Mom with the camera again!

Alice says, "I'm just going to ignore her and maybe she'll go away."

Dream says, "Me too"!

McDreamy, McSteamy and Meredith say: "We're out of here!"

Serendipity says:

"Hi Mom! Got any cookies?"

Sera doesn't mind getting HER picture taken...

Could she possibly be more adorable? I'm betting this little doll has twins!

I know, Sera's got a tail like a dust mop! But everything else about her is SO nice!! And she's bred to Hunter, who has a perfect tail....

'THAT wasn't a very nice thing to say Mom! We love Sera, fuzzy tail and all!"

I do too girls. I love each and every one of you! Now I better get ready for work...


  1. Wow, your goats look like kids again!

    I'm hoping Braveheart with his perfect little tail has the genetic dominance to improve on my girls' tails, too. We shall see. He really is a perfect ram in my opinion (his fleece type isn't my favorite, but IS what many desire - very single-coated, crimpy and fine), but even he will be for sale (at the right price!) when I go to Black Sheep Gathering. I find the stress of wondering if I will be able to sell all that I need to is diminishing my enjoyment of lambing season....

  2. Way to go! Nekked sheep pictures! Have you no shame? LOL!!! That's OK - my girls give me such looks when I bring my camera with me. I hear mumbling about being pregnant, waddling around and getting no respect from their shepherd.
    We start serious watch Saturday least for the two older ones.

  3. Looks like you're going to see lots of babies again this year Nancy! It's a good thing tails are one of the easier things to improve. Can't wait to see your lamb pics when the time comes.

  4. Oh my goodness Nancy, is it the camera angle or is Dream really that......umm...err..full figured? I don't remember her being that pregnant looking last year! Sorry Dream, you are still beautiful :).



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