Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Name is "PRIMA DONNA" and I'm Staying...

The Shepherd says I've got the cutest ears she's ever seen on a newborn lamb and I get to stay! It didn't hurt than I came right up to her and love for her to scratch and rub me.

Shepherd/Mom also says I have very nice, straight legs and perfect markings and really tight, crimpy fleece so I get to grow up here with my sheep Mom and all the other beautiful sheep in the Bluff Country! I know that it's mostly because Shepherd/Mom already LOVES me. She took this picture of me, still wobbly, running up to her for loving. ;-)

Diva made me worry, but she came through! I thought sure that Dream was going to lamb last night so I got up at 4:30 in the morning to check on her. No babies from Dream but Diva was pushing everyone else's lambs away and making that 'chortling' sound that moms make to their new born lambs. Diva hadn't passed her water yet ~ at least that I could see; and her babies were still quite high (she didn't appear sunken). I was worried about a repeat of last year where she labored for 12 hours and needed help to deliver a malpresented lamb. I fretted for a while, and then came to the conclusion that there was nothing that I could do. I didn't want to attempt "going in" to check the position of the lamb when Diva wasn't even pushing yet. I can't afford to have an emergency vet call everytime Diva lambs. So, I went back to bed. Yes, I was scared. Yes, I felt guilty. And yes, I prayed. When I got up to check again, at 7:15 this morning ~ expecting the worst ~ Diva had just delivered a very goopy, moorit/smirslet lamb with one white foot. This is the first time, I've had a non-HST lamb from an HST ewe, bred to an HST ram. Actually Diva did give me one onther non-HST, but that one was a flecket. Interesting. Then again, Diva's sire is not HST ~ he's a Moorit/Krunet (Underhill Thelonius Monk). It'll be interesting to keep track of that and see if it factors in, in future breedings...

Did I mention that they are both GIRLS?????


And yes, I thanked "The Shepherd". Repeatedly. Enthusiastically. Sincerely. For I know that without Him, none of this would be possible.

CHANCE says...

..."I'm staying TOO!"

P.S. Dreamer's busy ~ EATING!
(Think BOYS!!!) I Can't believe I'm saying that!


  1. where is the photo!!

  2. Boys eh'? I'm sure plenty of us would be MORE than willing to do some trading our boys for your girls if you REALLY want boys ;-) Grats on the beautiful babies :)

  3. Congratulations! Let them be all girls. There are enough boys this spring - even HSTs - to go around!

    I'd be happy to take Diva's non-HST daughter (if I could), as I personally like the "blaze-faced" look better than "panda eyes."

  4. Shhhh Michelle...don't say that... I already reserved a ram lamb from Nancy...and all I'm seeing are ewe lambs... I had mostly ewe lambs this year too. This is the first year in the last 4 that the rams didn't far outnumber the ewes here at my place. A very nice change of pace.

  5. Terry9:56 PM

    Hi Nancy,

    Congratulations, Congratulations, Congratulations, Congratulations, Congratulations,Congratulations,
    Congratulations! My you have a lot of beautiful lambs this year...Wish I could have made it Sunday for the Excitement. Next Sunday I need to be in Twin Cities for my Uncle's memorial service.
    When's your next day off? I've been working long hours and I have a few coming my way for lamb watching, I think.

  6. I'm off on Friday, as usual, Terry. Godiva says: "Bring Cookies"!!!


  7. Penny6:39 AM

    Geez, Nancy, How lucky can you be!
    Happy to see all is going so well for you!

  8. Ah they are just adorable. You want rams? I want Jewel to give me girls! I have 3 rams and only one ewe this year. Congratulations and may the rest of your lambs be healthy and happy.

  9. Beautiful little babies, Nancy!
    I thank the Good Sheperd every night for my flock. What would life be like without them? (I don't want to know!)



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