Friday, April 25, 2008

Sorry it took me so long...

I was NOT expecting twins from Rosie! I was sitting in the paddock with the ewes and lambs, taking pictures, yesterday when I noticed that Rosie was in labor. I kept myself busy and checked on her every now and then. I've learned that my sheep do just fine and I'm less likely to 'interfere' if I don't hover. So I prepared lambing jugs and sat with Sera and her twins for a while. On one of my check-ups I found Rosie cleaning off a handsome, moorit, ram lamb. I gave her lots of cookies and just sat and watched her cleaning up her beautiful boy when I noticed a gush of water from behind her. I was puzzled ~ water breaking after the ewe has lambed??? It wasn't until Rosie turned around and I saw the view in the post from last night, that I realized she was going to have another lamb! Needless to say, I was thrilled to see the white toes and nose. ;=) That's my sign that everything is OK and I knew we were going to have some more chrome so I anxiously watched (and photographed ~ if anyone would like to see a lamb being delivered, I can email you the photos) the birth of Rosie's HSt DAUGHTER.

By the time I got all the sheep put back into the pasture by the new barn and Rosie & her twins into the jug with Sera and hers, I was exhausted! Hence the short post last night.

I got up at 5:30 this morning and made it to my three Grandson's "Goodies With Grandparents" breakfast, at their school at 7:30 this morning. I checked on the girls, before leaving this morning, and noticed that Flash Flood was in early labor. She's an experienced mom, in good health, so I left. Here's what I came home to...

Are they not BEAUTIFUL??? A boy and a girl!! OMG! I've got so many ewes and so many lambs! And it's supposed to rain and turn cold. REALLY cold again.

OK. Seven down and four to go. Here they are:

"Bluff Country Zodiak" (Dream's mom)

"Sheltering Pines Diva" (dam of Dilemma)

Diva looked like she might be in labor, earlier this evening, but was eating fine when I put the girls back in the pasture by the barn. I'll check her again before I go to bed. Diva did have a difficult delivery last year and I'll watch her closely.

"Bluff Country Dilemma". A yearling, first time mom, bred to Kimberwood Hunter.

And of course:

"Bluff Country Dream"
....."I'm tired too, Mom. It's getting mighty crowded in that new barn!"

That it is Dreamer.

The fact is: I've got too many sheep. I will be selling most of the lambs this year as well as a number of the adult ewes and rams. I want to get back down to 10 ewes. I have 14 now. Contact me if you are interested in adding Bluff Country breeding stock to your flock...


  1. Congratulations on all your beautiful lambs Nancy! I'm especially partial to the angelic little white ones. Your lambing seems to be going so fast, I still have 5 more to go and things started here on April 4th. Continued good luck with the last four girls. ;-)

  2. Congratulations! Your lambs are beautiful, what a happy surprise to have a twin AND get to watch the delivery!

    I'd love to see the photos, my three girls delivered in between checks, so I haven't had the chance to see a delivery yet.

    Good luck with the rest of your girls! :)

  3. Oh Nancy,
    four babies in a day-- isn't it wildly exhausting when that happens?
    I think your white sheepies are calendar girls. . .

  4. I also love having the white lambs. They are just SO "angelic" looking. I think I may keep Flash's little girl and sell my beautiful Flash Flood. I can't believe I'm saying that but I think it's the right decision for my breeding program...

    I'll email you the photos, Vicki.

  5. Terry8:13 PM


    It looks like you have had a GREAT WEEK! They're all so dear. You must be feeling better, too. I felt punky the last two days I was in Iowa--sour stomach. Now I feel a lot better. I have to take my mom to the Twin Cities next weekend for her uncle's (my godfather)memorial service. I so want to meet all your lambs, but am having too much "car time" right now. The photo of Rosie delivering her HST ewelamp is truly amazing and I'd love to see more photos of that event!


  6. Congratulations on a cracking crop of lambs. Makes me wish it were easier to get sheep across the pond!

    Hope you're feeling better, my other half is on the sofa wrapped in a duvet with flu :o(

  7. I usually just "lurk" on your blog, but I thought I'd tell you today how fun it is seeing your wonderful pictures. The lambs are so beautiful

  8. Thanks everyone! Welcome to the 'family' Caroline....

    Wait to you see what I found this morning.....



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