Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"SPRING" has Sprung
.and the "SUN is SHINING"...

I KNEW that Savannah was in early labor yesterday! You didn't really think that I'd go to work when one of my girls was going to lamb, did you? NO! Not me...

Not the lady who knows her sheep so well that she knows when they're going to have their babies 24 hours before they even go into 'active' labor!!! Nope, I took the day off (UNpaid) so that I could be there when Savannah delivered what I knew would be twins.

Meet "Bluff Country SPRING"

and "Bluff Country SUNSHINE"

Both Girls!!

It's probably too soon to tell, for sure, but I'm thinking that SPRING will be a Fawn & white/Smirslet, Hst (only one sock and a white tip on her tail = incomplete expression of the HST group of markings). SUNSHINE looks like she'll be Mioget/krunet. She has a definite golden hue to her fleece that is especially noticeable on her face!

Both Savannah and the girl's sire are modified. Savannah is Fawn (or would she be a "Rose Mioget" since she definitely has the golden highlights on her face & legs???), as is Kimberwood Hunter ~ the twins' sire. So it is no surprise that these babies are also modified. I expect a LOT of modified lambs this year!

DREAM says....

..."Don't tell Mom that I told you but Savannah had those babies in the middle of the night ~ while Mom was SLEEPING!!!"


  1. Congrats! They are beautiful, and EWES.. how cool is that?

  2. Those are a couple of adorabe girls. Good way to start lambing.

  3. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Soo cute!

    What does modified mean, btw?


  4. Congrats Nancy - what a wonderful way to start off your lambing season! They are absolutely gorgeous.....would love some that color and pattern in my flock. Wish you were closer :0)

    where the snow is FINALLY starting to melt! and we're lambing :0)

  5. Awwww... they're beautiful!

    (I'm feeling all furklempt here.)

  6. Oh, Nancy...they are such beautiful girls! Congratulations!

    So far, we've just had boys here. Looks like I have to talk to that Skittles again. He's not listening.

  7. Anonymous6:48 PM

    What a great way to end my day to see the photos of your lambs!
    Diane/Bloomington,IN.,who is still living vicariously on being a shepherd by reading your blog :-)
    PS: Nancy, do you shear your lambs in the fall? And if so, are they for sale?

  8. Anonymous6:51 PM

    OOPS. I meant to say:
    If you shear your lambs in the fall, are the FLEECES for sale?

  9. DREAM ... Thank you for telling us the TRUTH about when the lambs were born ... and where your mom was. Makes me feel better to know that I slept through most of the birthings here this year.

    Cute lambs Nancy! May your 'ewe year' continue.


  10. Oh My!!! They are absolutely adorable. What a beautiful way to start your day. Congratulations. I'm jealous...two girls! make it all look so easy with such confidence in your shepherding. I was a complete basket case during kidding.

  11. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Congratulations, they are beautiful, I hope the remainder of your lambs are equally wonderful. Angela Rountree

  12. They are adorable! I so wish lambing would begin here!!!

    Vicki (the impatient)
    Windy Grange

  13. THANK YOU everyone, for commenting! I truly HATE lambing but posting to the blog and all your comments really helps!

    I just got home from work and no new babies tonight. I'm off work tomorrow and Friday so I'm hoping to get as many through it as possible....I'll be so glad when lambing is OVER!

    P.S. Sandy ~ I'll do a post about modified colors as soon as things settle down around here. Thanks for asking!

    Night All!

  14. Oh man, it is a good thing you are a thousand miles away, or you'd have to watch The Shepherd like a hawk - he'd be in there baby-napping (and I'd be acting as lookout!) They are just DARN CUTE! XOX T.

  15. That mioget is DARN cute! Both are absolutely darling! Congrats! I've got another week to wait...ACK!

  16. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Such pretty girls... :)

  17. I call "DIBS" on ewe lambs!!! :)



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