Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How Could Anyone Possibly Stay Sick....

Meet "BLUFF COUNTRY BLING!" Bling is Zaria's Moorit & White/Hst ram lamb. He is stunning! And he looks like he's going to have his mom's incredible fleece! An extremely well put together ram lamb.

Bling's beautiful sister is "BLUFF COUNTRY DEBUTANTE", Black & White/Hst.

Deb's fleece looks like Velvet! Under that shiny, black softness, I can feel tight ringlet curls... She's going to be a beauty!

Zaria is being an Excellent mother and teaching her flashy babies to come to me for cookies!

Of course, then she always takes them AWAY....

It's a glorious day in the Bluff Country so I'm going out to sit with my sheep and take more pictures......

DREAM says...

"Come on out, Mom...It's beautiful out here!!"

I'm on my way, Dreamer...


  1. Kelly V10:13 AM

    Dream's son-Bluff Country Sandman (is she has a boy). For girl's see my post on the previous entry. You have some very cute babies at your house. Can't wait to meet them when I do your inspection and put their "jewelry" in them.

  2. What a BBB! (Beayouteafull Baby Boy!) His sister ain't bad lookin' either! Congratulations, Nancy! Your dreams and breeding goals are paying off.

    Hope you're feeling better. Ralph and I are starting to come down with some bug as well. It's not fun.

  3. Oh they are very cute.I am looking for a white ewe lamb to add to my flock this year. We had 2 more here another ram and a ewe (finally). Only Jewel left to go, she's such a bad girl.



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