Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wouldn't you know.....

Alice is in early labor. I knew that if I said I thought Dream would have hers first, Alice would have those babies! The bad news is: I have to go to work. All I can do is hope and pray that everything goes OK. I'm torn between hoping she waits until I get back home and hoping that I come home to nursing healthy babies.

Pictures as soon as I get some!

Please keep my beautiful lady in your thoughts and prayers today....


  1. We will keep Dream in our thoughts and prayers today. All will go well and you will be greeted by beautiful little lambs when you come home.

  2. Terry9:09 AM


    I am so excited!! What gorgeous babies Savannah has had!!!! I'm saying prayers for Alice and her babies, too.

    I'm combed the fawn, moorit, and white of my cleaned and dry "grease wool" gleaned from the sheering floor last night. It is so beautiful. The very dark, very fine moorit with red-gold tips must be Moon's--he is the only one I can think of who is that dark. It is so nice to work with!! All of them are, of course. I love these little "samplers" because they really give me an idea of what I like--kind of like the micro-brewery places that bring out a try of tiny beers to sample. Today I'm going to try and comb all the black and iset ones--then maybe try spinning in the grease. So many projects, so little time. I hope you come home to a healthy ewe and her new born lambs today. Let me know if you need any help--I'm here this weekend--cleaning house mostly.


  3. I'm checking in between spurts of energy (translated into chores)...keeping Alice in my good thoughts!

  4. Keepin' the good thoughts headed in a NE directing today....

    From Your Friend and Alice's son!

  5. Oops! We meant "direction" in that previous comment.
    (Skittles! Get your hooves off that keyboard! I can't do this with you hanging over my shoulders! Quit it! Stop pushing me and get that horn outta my face!)

  6. Alice is in our thoughts up here in Alberta! Can't wait to see more pictures.



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