Saturday, April 12, 2008

Getting Closer.....

We're getting down to the final few days. All the girls are getting rounder by the day.

Sheltering Pines Diva is actually looking a bit FAT. Which is NOT good as she is the one who had problems delivering a large ram lamb last year. There's really nothing that I can do at this point. I'm making sure that she gets plenty of exercise. I'm pretty sure that she'll twin again.

There's been a discussion, on the Shetland List, about colors and I'm posting this picture to show my description of "Fawn" (Diva ~ Fawn/HST) versus "Moorit" (Zest ~ Moorit/iset). Fawn is a modified color (not Ag greying).

"Bluff Country Dusty Rose" (Rosie) is also Fawn. I think she'll have a single again this year. Rosie will be for sale after her baby is weaned this year. I HAVE to cut back and I'm thinking my solid fawn/moorits may be the place to do it. I'm very hopeful that Rosie will give me a spotted baby this year.

Another Fawn beauty that I MIGHT be willing to sell this year is my lovely "Sheltering Pines Savannah". Savanna has given me some beautiful, HST lambs and also throws incredibly dense, soft, crimpy fleeces. Which is amazing because she is my most primitive ewe! I will keep Savannah's daughter, Bluff Country Zaria (Shaela/HsT) and would love to get one more HST ewe lamb from Savannah before I let her move on to another home. I am expecting twins from Savannah (bred to Hunter) this year...

"Bluff Country Zaria" is Savannah's daughter (sired by Zorro). She has THE most scrumptious fleece in my flock. Not only is a beautiful stealy/grey-blue color (Shaela), it is long, dense, soft and evenly crimpy! I'd be happy if ALL my babies had fleece just like Zaria's. Zaria looks like she'll be giving me twins, by Crescent Moon...

Also carrying lambs sire by Crescent Moon is my beloved "Highland Hollow Alice". The only sheep that I have left out of my original, foundation flock.

Alice, is the one that I always worry about. She is my only Ag (greying) sheep. Alice was born looking moorit but with the tell tale 'sugar lips' that indicated that she would fade to a lovely, light musket. Her fleece is SO soft...I'm thinking that Alice will have twins this year. (or would that be hoping ????) She's produced triplets three out of the past four years! If you look closely, you can see how sunken she already is. Her udder will get a lot bigger and firmer before the blessed event, so we have some time yet.

DREAM says....

"TRIPLETS???? You mean three??? I had all I could do to take care of TWO! Poor Alice..."


  1. Maybe Alice will take a break this year and just have two. :) She always amazes everyone.

    I hope all goes smoothly for you and the ewes, Nancy - and that all the lambs are healthy (and girls)!

    Keep us posted!

  2. Dream is so funny. I still love you very much more

  3. Oh Nancy I love your blog and all the pictures. I'm particularly fond of Dream...and of course the goat family. I think everyone should have a goat don't you agree?

    All's well on the ranch.....I can't wait to see your babies.

  4. Oh, I do Becky ~ I really DO!!
    And now that I've got my first Angora fleeces, I can't wait to blend some of this silky softness with my Shetland wool!

  5. Anonymous6:39 PM


    Did you get that angora fleece all washed up this weekend? I spun my blended gleanings--very nice.

    Good luck with lambing--I'm "in"
    on the Alice Watch.




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