Friday, April 11, 2008

Ladies in Waiting...

It's much quieter in the ewe pasture and barn today. Yesterday, I moved the four, unbred, ewe lambs/yearlings and the Angora goats into the middle pasture and barn. That makes for SO much more room for the soon to explode pregnant ewes and less competition for food for the two bred ewe lambs (Sera and Dilemma).

Dream wants to reassure Corrine that she's still svelte, just very pregnant! ;-)
I'm pretty sure she's just got two in there but she looks great!

Where'd everyone go???

I did a late night barn check, last night, because when I got home from work (11 pm) I swear I heard the sound of a ewe straining. I grabbed a lantern and my "head-light" and went out to the barn, in the pouring rain. Everyone was quite happy to see me! I had pockets full of cookies (I give them to the moms during and after delivery). No one was showing Any sign of labor. Which is as it should be ~ no one's due until late next week. It seems Meredith ~ my beautiful little Angora doe sounds very much like a ewe in labor when she's calling to me. Next time I'll know..... (yeah ~ Right!)

Meredith ~ NOT pregnant!

Even though she may not LOOK pregnant ~ Little "Dilemma" is! I'll be quite happy with a healthy single from her...

Flash Flood is most definitely pregnant! (She's also a little on the 'plump' side).

As is my beautiful, Shaela ewe "Zaria".

DREAM says...

..."Mom's gotta run ~ she's got a date!! "

It's not really a date, Dreamer ~ I'm just getting together with a good friend...


  1. Good luck Nancy! Only one more left to go here and I'll be so glad when it's done. The torture they have put me through with their false and lying ways. Ha... I can't believe some of the things I fell for. But it's all part of the joy, I reckon of being a shepherd. ;-) Your girls look great as usual. I got my first 'HST' last night! I am so excited. Even though its a ram lamb, still it's been a long road to get to this point, using my original ewes and offspring. Take care,

  2. Nancy, loved the pics from yesterday and today!! Too funny - thanks for the chuckles!



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