Thursday, April 24, 2008

Please Don't Pinch Me....
...I don't Want to wake up!

I have the day off work today. I was enjoying a Lazy day. Slept late. Checked the sheep this morning and was just putzing around the house. Shortly after noon, I decided to check the girls who are hanging around the barn because it's been raining all day. This is what I found...

"Little Red Oak Serendipity" (Sera) was in the jug ~ the door to it was open, I have let all the mom's and babies out of the jugs ~ with TWIN, HST, EWE LAMBS!!!!!!!! Did I mention that they are both GIRLS???

From first impressions, I would say that one is going to be Fawn and the other Moorit. I'm just Dizzy, I'm so excited! I can't begin to explain how it feels to see my breeding program coming to fruition like this! I am truly blessed.

The girls are still "goopy" but it's clear to see that they're both beauties. Their sire is "Kimberwood Hunter" (Fawn/HST). I think I'll call this little pistol "Bluff Country Take A Chance". Chance looks like she'll be Moorit/HST, but it's hard to tell with both parents modified. I love the white 'lightening bolt' on her knee!

I'm thinking this yet-to-be-named girl looks Fawn/HsT already. I'm kicking around the possibility of calling her "Bluff Country Luck Be A Lady". What do you think? Too much?

Oh MY! This is fun!

DREAM says...

"Don't forget about ME, Mom! I'm going to give you beautiful babies as well!"

I know you will Dreamer! And they will be very special, just like you!


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  2. That's better! So many beautiful babies, I can't/can stand it! You are so fortunate (but aren't we all?)

  3. I'm almost in shock! And I still have 6 girls to go! THREE HSTs and 2 daughters of HSTs/bred to HSTs and Flash Flood ~ who is white ~ I would LOVE a white lamb! ;-)

  4. Kelly V4:56 PM

    If Dream has a ram lamb I am still voting for Bluff Country Sandman. Sorry for repeating myself, I just think it is a good name. Your sheep make such cute babies. Bluff Country Batman for a HST ram Lamb would be kinda fun too since they have a super hero type mask on them.

  5. Not to worry, Kelly. You've convinced me! I LOVE Bluff Country Sandman for a Dream ram lamb. I bet she'll pull through for us!

    P.S. I like Batman too!

  6. Oooohhhh Nancy! What luck...and to get to have them show up on your day off too! As usual, you are getting a big crop of beautiful babies this year. I better hurry up and get you paid for the ram lamb I reserved (you might have ewes for sale too, right?). I did not get any HST from Zorro the year I used him, but his daughters have sure come through for me this year (I got three HST lambs from his 5 daughters). I can't wait to see what Zorro's daughters will throw when I breed them to one of your HST ram lambs (getting excited for next year already).

  7. oops, I forgot to do the letters right... I got one HsT and two HST

  8. Oh Nancy,
    Sera's lambs are so perfect! And yes, one is so light she is certainly fawn, looking like her dad did as a little guy. And do you see Sera as modified, too? You said that in your post-- I am starting to wonder if almost all of my "moorits" are modified-- Kim said she thought many were, at shearing. Since this is just my 3rd season, I am just learning what a yearling/two-year-old color looks like!
    Again, lovely girls, you lucky duck! I'm getting 2/3 rams this year!

  9. Yay for you, Nancy! Congratulations to you, nice looking lambs.



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