Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Boys First Time Out Side....

Zest and her handsome lad come running up for cookies. It was so nice when I got home from work this afternoon that I decided to put the ladies in waiting in the side pasture (NICE grass!) and let the new Mom's out of the jugs with their boys.

This is Zest's handsome, dark moorit ram lamb. He's HUGE. His fleece is unbelievably soft and the color of dark chocolate!

I was surprised that Zest only had a single, but this is a BIG boy...

Alice and her boys enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine on their first foray out of the jug.

Meet "Bluff Country Outlaw". Is he not adorable???? He likes me too!

'Big brother,"Bluff Country Renegade", is a bit more reserved, but no less cute. ;-)

I got some darling pictures of the lambs playing in the great outdoors. I'll try to post some tomorrow. I don't expect any more lambs tonight.

Happy DREAMS....

...SSSssssshhhhhhhh! Dream's sleeping...


  1. That's Zest's lamb at less than 24 hours old??? He looks at least a week old! Holy cow!!!

  2. Congrats on all the lovely and LARGE babies! Mine are growing so quickly but yours started that way!

    Let's go Dream!

  3. My, he IS a big boy! Can't wait to see what all the others look like too, Nancy. Keep those pictures comin'! :)

    (BTW...sent you an email re: your email to me....)



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